Green Van as Electrical Service Provider


Green Van Electrical was started by Monica and Iain Mclsaac in 2008 to supply intelligent and eco-friendly electrical solutions to the Kapiti and Wellington regions. During the last seven years we have expanded our business up to Porirua, the Hutt Valley and Levin.

Services provided by the company

Green Van Electrical offers a wide variety of electrical repairs in Wellington and Kapiti: Services for residential as well as commercial establishments include design and installation of lighting solutions and solar power systems. Our electricians work not only on newly built houses and buildings but also on existing ones to provide electrical repairs and installation services.

We also provide solar installation to the builders, architects and property management companies in the Wellington & Kapiti areas. Along with installing the electrical products our professionals also pass on their passion of using sustainable energy to reduce their clients’ consumption of energy. We also focus on the design and installation of unique lighting as well as home theatre and sound systems for both residential and commercial buildings.

Residential electrical services

Green Van Electrical provides smart but sustainable electrical solutions for homeowners in the Wellington and Kapiti regions. As well as general electrical repairs we offer tailored electrical services for our customers including the installation, repair and maintenance of heat pumps, sound systems and home theatres. We also design and install indoor and outdoor lighting solutions and cabling and wiring for solar installations.

Commercial electrical services

Green Van Electrical provides comprehensive electrical services for commercial and business establishments including the management and installation of electrics to offices and shops. Our professional electrical contractor focuses on providing proficient and safe electrical repairs and maintenance services. We provide electrical solutions to various types of clients including property managers, landlords, architects, business owners, interior designers, builders and landscape designers.

Installation of solar power panels

If you are planning to install solar panels on your residential or commercial premises in Wellington and Kapiti then Green Van Electrical can be the best option for you. Our professionals will visit your home or office to give you advice about solar installations. We are passionate about solar power because it:

  • acts as a sustainable source of energy with zero pollution
  • is an environmentally friendly source of renewable energy
  • provides a fuel free source of energy generation
  • reduces the production of greenhouse gases
  • increases the value of your property

Find out more about smart electrical solutions provided by Green Van Electrical via our website at and remember we service the entire Greater Wellington area including Kapiti and the Hutt Valley.


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